Bombay’s Very Own Beer And Burger Festival

As an atheist (except for when my plane starts losing cabin pressure) I find it hard to get behind the vast majority of the world’s festivals. Sure they’re fun to be a part of, and even more fun to watch from the sidelines in relative safety, and for legal reasons I’ll even say I respect each and every one of them. But I can’t truthfully admit I particularly enjoy anything about them, except for the free holidays and sweets that’ll give me diabetes by the time I’m thirty. Which is why Cafe La Ruche’s Beer and Burger Festival comes as a bit of a treat.

Finally a festival that takes the two things I hold most sacred and sells them to me for 300 bucks. Cafe La Ruche, a once fairly successful pub that mysteriously disappeared without a trace, is back, and hosting the aforementioned three day long festival to show the world it means business. And while I generally hate speculating about things I read on the internet without all my facts in place, unless it’s about politics or lizard men living in the Earth’s inner core; they do seem to have some deals worth mentioning.

In the interest of full disclosure I haven’t a clue about what Cafe La Ruche’s become like ever since it reopened. All I can say is that they’re not even listed on Zomato, so either they’re total badasses who’d rather take their chances with Burp of all places or either they’re completely bonkers. Either way, I love their new attitude, it’s refreshing to see a restaurant take a stand, I’m not too sure against what, but a stand nonetheless, even if it does have a pretentiously French name.

Now that I’m done with my obligatory rambling, let’s get to the deals; the Beer and Burger festival has three offers, and surprisingly, the prices they’ve listed are tax inclusive, because that’s what honourable restaurants do.

1) The Wuss Offer: 1 Beer, 1 Burger and Fries (Rs.300)

2) The Gentleman’s Offer: 4 Beers, 2 Burgers and Fries (Rs.800)

3) The People With Friends Offer: 6 Beers, 3 Burgers and Fries (Rs.1200)

Obviously these aren’t the real names of the offers, but they totally should be. The beers included in the package are Kingfisher (obviously), Budweiser (whose slogan needs to be “At least it’s not Fosters”), White Owl (whatever the hell that is) and Heineken. While the natural reaction when encountering a Heineken drinker is to beat them with sticks, I urge my readers to exhibit restraint while at the festival. You can still beat them up outside the venue though, I’m not a cop.

Dates: 28th September- 1st October 2016

Venue: Cafe La Ruche, near KFC, Linking Road, Bandra West


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