Bonobo Game Night: Who Said Sunday Nights Can’t Be Fun?

In many ways, Sunday nights make for the worst nights possible (unless you include Night At The Museum 2). You spend so much time worrying about or dreading the week ahead that you completely forget to just sit back and enjoy your pitiful existence. I think tonight could be a little different and that’s because Bonobo is having a game night they call The Bonoboard Game Session Edition 2, and even though they rejected the name I chose which would obviously have been 2 Boboboard 2 Furious, I think it could be fun.

What better way to overcome the existential realisation that you’re a clog in a faceless corporate machine whose sole goal is to destroy the middle class and rape the earth of its natural resources than by playing Monopoly? But I digress. Obviously they have way more than just Monopoly, they also have Foosball if you’re a jock who can’t play sports, Pictionary so you can channel your inner autistic 5 year old, and Jenga, if you like playing Jenga. I refuse to insult Jenga, it’s brilliant. There’s also Karaoke, which is where you’ll find me and the twenty other people who’ll be singing Wonderwall by Oasis and Giant Jenga which I presume has something to do with the BMC.

I personally prefer board games over actual interpersonal human activities, let’s be honest I’d rather have to explain the rules of Battleship to someone than discuss my alcoholism, narcissism, the voices in my head and that thing I did in the Mangroves off Carter Road that I’m contractually obliged not to talk about.  Board games give you the fun of interacting with other human beings without having to really interact with them. Either way, I’m really looking forward to a quiet, cheap Sunday night where I destroy everyone who lands on Mayfair.

Oh also there’s also a Rs.99 drinks menu for the night. I probably should have started off with that. Here’s their event page for if you like looking at event pages.

Date: 16th October 2016

Time: 6pm- 12am

Venue: Bonobo, opposite KFC, Bandra West.

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