Books By Weight Is Back, This Time It Isn’t In Andheri

If you were unlucky enough to miss the Books By Weight sale this August, or your love for the written word was trumped by your distaste for Andheri, all is well, Books By Weight is back again, so you can put off helping struggling authors feed their families for just a little while longer.

Prices start at Rs.50 a Kilo for old editions of National Geographic magazine, presumably before they were bought over by an Australian billionaire who denies the existence of climate change, Rs.100 a kilo for books on Foreign Languages, Religion, Academic, Business, Law, Science Fiction, Biographies, History, Wildlife and Gardening; that’s right, people really read books on gardening.

A hundred bucks will also buy you a kilo of books by authors you’ve never heard of, but will pretend to have read anyway like Ben Elton, Bernard Cornwell, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Catherine Cookson, Clive Cussler, Colin Dexter and Fredrick Thompson. Fredrick Thompson isn’t even a real person, but you didn’t notice. Rs.300 will make you the proud owner of a kilo of books by more famous authors like Tolkien, Agatha Christy, Roald Dahl, Jeffery Archer and Hitler. They’ll also be selling limited edition Harry Potter collections for Rs 2500, so you can understand the context behind some of the most depressing memes on Facebook.

As someone who’s genuinely surprised that reading is still a thing, I’m thrilled that there’s a book sale so cheap even writers can afford it. I love books, not enough to pay full price, but I still love them.

The Books By Weight sale will be held at the Shree Sunderbhai Hall right next to Churchgate station, so lugging a ton of R.L.Stein’s Goosebumps all the way home shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Dates: 24th September- 7th October
Timings: 9:00- 20:00
Venue: Shree Sunderbhai Hall, Churchgate





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