Brewbot And The 22 Rupee Craft Beer

As someone who pretends to be from Bandra but really isn’t, even I have to admit Andheri’s where the party’s at. There’s so just much more to do; sure Bandra has better food, running water and the off chance of getting run over by a major celebrity, but Andheri has a nightlife second to none, it’s got malls; remember malls? And of course, some of the nicest pubs north of the Mithi River. And this Thursday one of them is turning a majestic two years old; I’m talking of course about Brewbot.

Brewbot , like every two year old worth knowing, is celebrating its birthday with beer; lots and lots of beer. But this isn’t just ordinary beer like Kingfisher or Bud or even piss water like Fosters, they’re going all out with their pretty decent selection of craft beer, because if I know anything about the people of Andheri it’s that that they’re on fleek, and I’m not saying that just to pander.

I don’t have to tell you that Rs.22 for a pint of craft beer is an excellent deal, even if it means having to go to Lokhandwala. But like everything too good to be true there is one harsh condition, the offer is valid only between 8pm and 10pm. But the good news is that it encompasses the entirety of their selection beer (all five of them) including the somehow always out of stock Black Mamba and not just the beer that nobody in their right mind would order like the godawful Botwok Orange, I mean seriously, why are Indian brewers so obsessed with orange flavoured beer, you know it tastes like the backwash on a fingerbowl right? I’d personally go for Mojo Rising because it’s objectively the best craft beer they have or the Floating Head which is one of the best Hefeweizen’s I’ve come across to date, the Skywalker on the other hand is a bit of a gimmick, just like Star Wars Episode VII.

If I had one quarrel with Brewbot it’s that the stools they have alongside the bar are just awful, they’re about as comfortable and steady as balancing on a steel girder at a construction site and let’s not even get started about how many times you’ll get rammed in the back by drunk chicks considering the dance floor is just two feet away from the bar. Otherwise it’s actually a pretty nice place to be. Brewbot also has an offer on food, but it’s way too boring to write about.

Date: 29th September 2016

Time: 20:00- 22:00

Venue: Brewbot, New Link Road, Lokhandwala


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