Amazing Things You Might Find At The Great Chor Bazaar Market

Being a writer for an up-and-coming lifestyle website nobody really reads can have its upsides. This isn’t one of them. After botching my last assignment at Chor Bazaar by losing an intern and not actually finding anything of use to any human person aside from giant goats, the wreckage of automobiles from defunct American companies and steel rods, I came to the conclusion that Chor Bazaar had besmeared my honour as a pretend city reporter. I demand satisfaction. Which is why I went again, prepped for the uncertain, with rage in my mind, vengeance in my heart and book on good bargaining in my backpack. Every Friday morning, starting at 6:00am Chor Bazaar has a weekly market where buyers can find items from the quirky, to the absurd to the grotesque. Here’s what I found:

1) Flintlock Pistol


The flintlock pistol is the precursor to every modern firearm; it dates back to the 18th century. Despite being popular in its day there was a good chance you’d blow your arm of each time you fired it and of course it took a day and a half to reload. This particular pistol was unable to fire because of its age, but the dealer assured me I could still beat a peasant over the head with it.

2) Creepy Dolls


Creepy dolls are the most overtly evil things in existence right after cats and members of Parliament. The dealer promised they wouldn’t kill me in my sleep, but that’s what they all say. Although I don’t know what’s more unholy, a doll possessed by demons or a man that charges you 500 bucks a piece on second hand dolls.  

3) Godrej Typewriter


Just one glance at a typewriter will take you back to simpler times when Godrej just stuck to making things of actual use to human beings and left the blogging to BMM graduates. The last typewriter ever made anywhere in the world was a Godrej, but even they realised that typewriters had become passé by 2011. Back in 2009 a decent, new Godrej typewriter could set you back Rs 12,000.

4) Wilson Golf Set


If you’re old (or rich) enough to find golf enjoyable, but still young enough to read lifestyle blogs, not only are you an anomaly but also a person aware of the inconsequential fact that a good set of Wilson Golf clubs is worth roughly Rs.70,000. This of course, is not a good set of Wilson Golf clubs so it’s presumably a lot less.  

5) 19th Century Coins


Only 1790’s kids will remember coins minted by the East India Company. Obviously the ones they sell at Chor Bazaar are silly fakes they sell to tourists or people from Peddar Road, but if you do know even a bit about coins it’s not uncommon to find genuine pieces.

6) Vinyl Records


Vinyl isn’t dead. It’s just in a 30 year coma. If you own a gramophone, which I seriously doubt you do, Chor Bazaar has some fantastic bargains for you. Pictured here is the soundtrack for the 1966 Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. I’m assuming it’s an original piece because nobody in their right mind would make one today and if they did Clint Eastwood would most definitely get into an argument with it.  

7) Vintage Canon Binoculars


At Chor Bazaar there’s a very fine line between garbage and merchandise but on occasions there can be exceptions, in this case a vintage pair of Canon Binoculars complete with a leather case, lined with a velvet interior. It would definitely make spying on your ex a much classier affair.

Market Timings: Every Friday from 5 am to 12 pm.

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