Coldplay Tickets For Sale: Get Them While They’re Still Famous

Coldplay jokes have always been a bigger part of pop culture than Coldplay songs. If you’re on social media, and sadly I am, you’ll probably have heard a hell of a lot of one liners about Coldplay’s ticket prices being Rs.25,000, well like many things on the internet these were unsubstantiated claims so naturally they got intense media coverage. Even legitimate news organisations like DNA and fake news organisations like the Times of India joined in the fray; I’m guessing because there weren’t any stories of teenagers throwing dogs off buildings for them to cover.

And as bad as a 25,000 rupee ticket price sounds it’s still better than signing up to an NGO and being a decent human being. Fortunately this rumour was untrue and ticket prices are a somewhat more reasonable Rs.5000. I guess that means you can keep your kidneys, at least until the undiagnosed clinical depression you suffer from that compels you to like Coldplay manifests itself into years of full blown alcoholism

Now I’m no Coldplay fan, but I might be attending their concert anyway. Not because I like them or their depressing music or the fact that they’re turning into U2, but because there’s hardly any actual musicians who come to Mumbai to perform. DJ’s aren’t actual musicians and 5,000 bucks isn’t entirely unreasonable when it comes to making memories, rock concerts are awesome, even if it’s weird British alternative rock that tried to become EDM in 2014.

Just so you know, when I say this is a Coldplay concert I mean they’ll be performing for a bit then handing the stage over to such musical talents as Jay Z (who broke Beyonce’s heart), Arijit Singh, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Monali Thakur and Farhan Akhtar, acting talents such as Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh and no talents such as Katrina Kaif. So this isn’t so much a concert as it is a line up random Bollywood celebrities and one band you actually want to see. Just think about that before you shell out 5k.

If you still honestly think that watching Coldplay live is worth sitting through a Sharddha Kapoor speech you can buy your tickets somewhere else, I’m not going to encourage this sort of behaviour. Just make sure you do it today, the 15th of September 2016.

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