Comic Con 2016 Is Here. Sort Of.

Dressing up like weirdo in public isn’t just for guys from Delhi anymore. On the off chance you’re a fan of comic books, superhero movies, anime and never knowing the touch of a woman, Comic Con Mumbai is back, and bigger than ever. And by bigger I mean more expensive and by ever I mean since it started selling tickets two years ago. What better way to celebrate the most sell-out art form imaginable than by eliminating people who can’t afford to pay the 600 bucks for a two day pass? I mean I know I can sometimes be elitist, but that’s just being greedy considering Comic Con is basically a themed supermarket.

Absolutely nothing about Comic Con’s been announced yet (as of 3rd September 2016) apart from the dates and venue, which just goes to show you how cocky people can be when it comes to dealing with geeks. And it isn’t even just Comic Con; Marvel does it every time they make the same movie over and over and DC does it by making an objectively awful movie and bullying you into thinking its cliché grittiness is cinematic brilliance. That’s what you get when you let the Big Bang Theory gentrify being a loser without friends.

But I digress, if you really want to attend Comic Con you should book your tickets now before somebody way hotter than you buys your ticket and wins the Cosplay contest just because she’s dressed like Harley Quinn. I most likely won’t be attending because I never make online payments to companies that are literally named con. I’m not saying this event is going to be excessively commercialised, I’m just saying its name isn’t even Comic Con Mumbai, it’s Alto Comic Con Mumbai.

TBR Tip: Dressing up like Hitler at Comic Con isn’t technically wrong because he was in the first edition of Captain America. Though I wouldn’t recommend it. Oh and it’s in Goregaon.

Date: 22nd and 23rd October,
Time: 11:00- 20:00.



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