Craft Beer House Parties Might Soon Be A Thing

As someone who regularly hosts house parties because nobody ever invites me to theirs, I know for a fact that the two most important things for it to be successful are booze and tissue paper; lots and lots of booze and lots and lots of tissue paper. While I don’t personally consider myself an authority on tissues except for probably which brand best absorbs the tears of being an underachiever (Tempo Classic), I do like to think that tens of people consider me a bit of a beer connoisseur, it’s not necessarily true, but I still like to consider it. Which is why I have some good news for you on the craft beer front;

White Owl, Lower Parel has begun renting out kegs of their famous craft beers to anyone with the money to pay for them and upper body strength to lug them home. Obviously as a beer purist I don’t mind paying top rupee for a nice cold brew, but in this case it isn’t even all that expensive considering each keg is 5 litres, that’s more than enough for at least six people or one Bombay Report staffer depending on who your friends are. While there’s no doubt in my mind that they have incredible beer because I’ve spent a lot of time and even more money on drunken escapades at White Owl, some of the terms of the offer are enough to make even me reconsider.

1) You Need To Have A Liquor License: Strange but true, apparently if you want to be lugging around barrels of beer within the city limits you need to have a liquor permit. If you’re caught without one you could face five years in jail. That’s a whole year more than the doctor who killed Michael Jackson.

2) You Need To Return The Keg: Driving all the way to Parel to pick up a keg full of beer is awesome, driving all the way to Parel to return an empty keg is the worst.

3) You Need To Order The Keg Well In Advance: Us party animals know that the best memories are spontaneous. I completely understand why it would take a while for them to get your keg ready; but half a day (if you call them at noon) is a bit excessive and does cut down on the time before the house party where you’re freaking out because the only hot girl you invited dropped out.

The Decree: All disadvantages aside, I do think White Owl’s keg rental service is something worth considering if you’re throwing house party. Rs.2,250 for five litres of craft beer isn’t a bad deal in the least, plus it gives you legitimate bragging rights.

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