Dungeons And Dragons; Being A Poor Nerd Isn’t That Bad

Dungeons And Dragons

Unless isolation and crippling debt are your ultimate goal, it’s hard spending a ton of money on going out every week, especially when you live Mumbai. There could also be days where you want to hang out with your buddies at home, or even better, their homes. But then again choosing a movie is difficult once you’ve already seen Deer vs. Bear five times, and deciding on a game is even worse because FIFA is boring as shit and Call of Duty is basically turning into Halo now. But there is a solution to this conundrum, and all it requires is some dice, a few good men and a vivid imagination.

What D&D ends up looking like. Photo Credit: Derrek The Intern
What D&D Ends Up Looking Like

The solution I speak of is a nifty tabletop game called Dungeons And Dragons. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, a Warcraft fan, a Tolkien fan and/or a 22 year old virgin, you’re going to love this. The simplest explanation would be that it’s a collective storytelling game, with one individual acting as the game’s “God”, and who in their right mind wouldn’t like to play God?.

We all know that we’re capable of just about anything when we let our imagination loose. Don’t believe me? Look at your Google search history, or the Trump campaign. This game lets you take that imagination and turn it into an enjoyable experience you can share with your friends, without them thinking you’re insane. You can understand the mechanics and rules better here, but the point is to not be limited by them, because leaving space for improvisation leads to hilariously entertaining and sometimes awkward encounters.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the game also happens to be extremely cheap to play. The dice required can be bought for under Rs 300, and if poverty’s already gotten to you, a standard 6 sided dice can also be used. You get to make your own universe, with its own engaging plot hooks, which can be either inspired by your favourite book/movie, or something entirely off the top of your head. If that’s too much effort, there are also pre-written Dungeons And Dragons stories available for you to follow.

Also, as with many social situations, you can take the entire experience to the next level by adding alcohol into the mix. If alcohol doesn’t make you a charismatic role-player, poverty should be the least of you worries. If you’d like to watch others play before you give it a whirl yourself, you can check out HarmonQuest. What are you waiting for? Your journey begins now.

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