Metalheads rejoice; Goddess Gagged is playing at antiSOCIAL this weekend

Metalheads in the city really have it rough. Getting silently judged while roaming the streets wearing ‘Metal’s Not Dead!’ t-shirts and patiently waiting for a metal gig to take place in the city is challenging to say the least. Weekends continue to go by, as they bear an endless barrage of social media posts from insufferable indie gigs. That music is for children, isn’t it? No? Well, what do you know about music anyway, I say, as I clutch my Baba Sehgal cassette close to my chest.

Getting back to the point, it gives me great pleasure to announce that there’s good news headed your way. Goddess Gagged, a five-piece progressive rock/metal band has made a much awaited comeback, with tunes just as headbang-worthy as ever before. The final leg of their reunion tour will take place at antiSOCIAL this Sunday.

They will be accompanied by two other bands, the first being Gumbal, a Mumbai based alternative rock band consisting of current (and former) members of bands you know and love, such as Spud in the Box and Blek. Ferry Tales is a highly acclaimed pop rock/ fusion act that is also part of the lineup. Other than entertaining music, bonus features of the gig include a great venue with great food and an abundance of alcohol (provided you’re of legal age). Also, after this you can tell people you’re a metalhead, and maybe all the cool metalheads will accept you into their elite group (that’s not a thing). Reliable sources also confirm that contrary to popular opinion, if you damage property in your mosh pit fueled enthusiasm, you are not entitled to backstage/ Valhalla access.

My fellow suburban mortals, start saving up. Let heavy rocking/breathing ensue.

Date: September 4th
Goddess Gagged’s facebook page
Time: 9pm onwards
Venue: antiSOCIAL, Khar West
Entry Charge: Rs 400