Indizza, Worli; No, There’s No Pizza Involved

Every tale throughout human history would have been a lot happier if there was pizza involved, the American Revolution, the storming of the Bastille, the Second World War (where the Nazis were the people who preferred pineapple as a topping). What I’m incoherently and probably politically incorrectly trying to say is that I love it If you have pizza please call me. I don’t care if you live in a white windowless van, I will show up.

TBR Disclaimer: I will not show up if you live in Borivali.

This story on the other hand is a little different; there’s no pizza involved, which makes Indizza’s choice of a name rather unfortunate, but was it a disappointing experience? No, it wasn’t. I was expecting something along the lines of Smokin Joe’s Chilli Chicken but what I was greeted with was food so authentically North Indian in punched me in the face outside Tryst.


But before we talk about the food let’s talk about Indizza. In most circumstances I’d ask that they change their name, because I’m an arts graduate and get easily confused. But I sort of like them so I think we should give them a free pass even though the name makes no sense. Why would you suffix something that has absolutely nothing to do with pizza ‘izza’? It just makes no sense. Let’s move on.

Mutton Biriyani

Price: Rs.345


I’m not normally much of a biryani guy, but Indizza’s mutton biriyani changed that. Although it tasted like every other biriyani in the world, it wasn’t the least bit oily and there was actual mutton, some of the most delicious, meaty, well cooked, cuts we’ve ever had. I really can’t emphasise how impressed I was with the pieces of mutton, and I’m a person who literally took fifteen minutes to realise that Frisbees had given me a chicken burger instead of a fish burger. So I know good meat when I taste it, even if I’m not necessarily sure what it is.

Paneer Tikka Masala

Price: Rs.255


Every time I say something nice about vegetarian food a small part of me dies. So it’s a good thing I’ve been dead inside since 2012. Indizza’s paneer tikka masala came as a real surprise to me, we’d called for three gravy dishes, out of which I expected the paneer tikka to be the absolute worst considering no animals were harmed; but it did well. It wasn’t just good, it was eye openingly good, it was only a little spicy and filled with chunks of paneer and not just the eraser sized nuggets we’ve come to expect. Maybe being a vegetarian isn’t so bad. Maybe animals shouldn’t have to suffer for my personal satisfaction.

Fuck it Ima put a cat in a blender.

If you like Indian food, or as people in India call it, food, I really suggest you try out Indizza, sure their name is a bit weird and sort of misleading, but who am I point fingers, I have a French last name but I’m from Santacruz. They only do deliveries in South Bombay, so make sure you live in South Bombay.

The Decree:  Indizza really does have good food; it’s a pity they don’t venture outside South Bombay, which isn’t much of a surprise because not leaving South Bombay is the most South Bombay thing you can do.

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