Joey’s Pizza And The Unholy Topping Combination


I’d always heard really nice things about Joey’s Pizza from friends of mine who’d been to Malad and lived; but I’d never actually been there myself until much more recently. The truth is despite my insurmountable love for all things pizza (except Dominos), my love for not getting mugged the minute I set foot out of Malad station was much greater. I’m a grown man who wears jean shorts; even I’d mug me if I saw me in Malad. Fortunately, our crack team of interns discovered that there’s another Joey’s Pizza out there in the bustling semi urban wilderness of Andheri West; so we decided to go there instead.


If there’s one thing I can say about Joey’s is that it’s all about the pizza, the restaurant isn’t much to look at, the crowd’s mostly college students who make me feel old, but my God, the pizza is worth it. Even the part where we had to ride the metro to get to D.N.Nagar which, between having to give Reliance our money and listening to their crappy ringtone on loop for the whole journey is one of the most depressing feelings in the world.

Now, about the pizza…

Joey’s Pizza lets you choose two toppings, one on each half, so naturally being too stubborn to agree on a single pizza and too cheap to order two, we tried to choose the best toppings we could; and boy, did we get it right. The result was something beautiful; we call it the Joey’s Special- Meat Ultimo (we’re absolutely terrible at coming up with names, just look at our website.) Synergy is when a final result is greater than the sum of its components, I know this because I throw that word around like crazy at meetings, mostly out of context, and that’s exactly what the Joey’s Special- Meat Ultimo does, it takes two awesome pizzas and makes them better

joey pizza

1) Joey’s Special: The Joey’s Special is the restaurant’s signature pizza; you don’t name things after yourself unless you mean business. It’s entirely chicken, so while I do hate it in principle, I like it in practise, and what’s not to love? The toppings alone are enough to fill most ordinary human beings, and while some places tend to just dump whatever toppings you pay for on their pizzas, Joey’s toppings are all cooked to perfection.

2) Meat Ultimo: The yin to the Joey’s Special’s yang is my personal favourite, the Meat Ultimo. It’s good old fashioned pork sausage, bacon and a bit of roast chicken all submerged in an ocean of cheese. The bacon was, as always, amazing. Although, it tasted like someone took the time to fry it before putting it on the pizza as opposed the just frying it all en masse in the morning and sprinkling it on pizzas throughout the day.

If I had one complaint about Joey’s Pizza’s it’s that their pizzas can be very, very sloppy, but who really cares about such a elitist problem when you’re getting some of the tastiest small-chain pizza in the city at a comparatively reasonable price. Our Medium Joey’s Special- Meat Ultimo cost us a mere Rs.490 without tax, because in Andheri and Malad you apparently don’t have to pay tax.


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