Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden: The New King Of The Hill (Road)

I can think of four good reasons for any sane person to visit Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden and five for Pokémon Go players; but Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is way more than just another nice microbrewery in Bandra, it’s a nice microbrewery with some character to it as opposed to being an overcrowded, noisy, hipster infested box like its rival Doolally.

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As far as craft beers go Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is perfectly good, they have a grand total of 4 brews as opposed to Doolally’s 9, but 4 is a sufficient enough choice for casual drinkers. Let’s not forget they have regular beer like Budweiser too, which Doolally’s still doesn’t for some inexplicable reason.

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My colleagues and I disagreed on which beer we liked the best, they preferred the Kolsch beer but I preferred the Indian Pale Ale because I’m a grown man who’d rather die than take a sip of a light beer and like it, the only thing we could agree on is that neither of us cared for the Belgian Wit. Anyway here’s our expert assessment;

1) Belgian Wit

Price: Rs.273

Let’s all agree that while the idea of Belgian Wit is pretty sound in real life, a light beer flavoured with the essence of orange tastes like the water in the finger bowl they give you at fancy South Indian restaurants. It wasn’t particularly bad as far as beers go, but it wasn’t very good either.

2) Indian Pale Ale (TBR’s Choice)

Price: Rs.273

Objectively the best craft beer at Kaitlyn’s. It’s bitter because it’s been deliberately flavoured with hops, and despite its name, it’s dark red. It’s the only craft beer at Kaitlyn’s that tastes like a traditional brew, just way better. If you’re a seasoned veteran of alcohol I think you’d appreciate an IPA more than most.

3) Kolsch Beer (TBR’s Choice)

Price: Rs.273

Kolsch Beer isn’t all that bad, but it’s still a light beer at the end of the day so I’d advice against drinking it if you’re a straight adult male, which I totally am. The closest thing I can say it tastes like is a watered down Kingfisher, the kind they serve at Pop Tates. It might go down better with people who don’t drink too much, though I generally don’t associate myself with that lot.

4) Hefeweizen

Price: Rs.273

Hefeweizen is the only beer that follows in the tradition of craft beer, it’s weird and tastes of bananas and clove but that’s exactly what craft beers are supposed to be like, completely mad. If you’re a beer enthusiast sick of all the monotony of life, Hefeweizen is what you need.

If you’re looking for good beer I’d still recommend Doolally over Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, it has a much bigger and more pronounced variety but if you’re looking for a nice place to relax at with your mates after a hard day’s work I’d recommend Kaitlyn’s no question, it’s a much quieter, more refined and more pleasant place to be. Also they have Karaoke Thursdays and a Pokestop close enough for you get xp while you drink.


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