Kaukswe at Busago; The ultimate comfort food

As someone who pretends to be from Bandra, there’s no place I enjoy visiting more than Pali Naka; and in all my years of being there I’ve seen things; from John Abraham riding a superbike, to Bruna Abdullah walking down the street to Chetan Bhagat unsuccessfully trying to catch a rickshaw near Gold’s Gym. You can’t make this shit up. But what’s much rarer is to have a new restaurant that’s come out of nowhere, with a cuisine nobody’s heard of, in a place like Pali where dreams come to die, not just survive for four years, but actually make quite a name for itself.

That place is Busago, a little restaurant near Irish House that serves authentic Burmese cuisine for seemingly authentic Burmese prices. As far as food goes Busago is really good, their Beef Bulgogi (which later became Buff Bulgogi thanks to development and acche din) is phenomenal, so is their Red Curry Chicken (Rs. 290) but what really makes them special is their Veg Kaukswe.


Some people’s guilty pleasure is smoking, for others it’s alcohol, some are promiscuous and others are serial killers; but my guilty pleasure is far worse, it’s a vegetarian meal called Kaukswe. I’m a non vegetarian. I have a mistrust of people who turn to vegetation for sustenance because it is unnatural. Every time I have to compliment a vegetarian dish a small part of me dies forever, so I really hope you enjoy the rest of this article.

Kaukswe, which is pronounced “cows weigh” is a Burmese dish that’s made of noodles & a wholesome coconut milk (which isn’t the same as coconut water) based curry. Is probably one of the most comforting foods ever, and is surprisingly filling. Busago offers you a crazy variety of toppings, ranging from cashew nuts, to fried garlic, to burnt onions to lime and a dozen others. You’ve probably already been to Busago, and maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s a great place to relax with a large bowl of carbs while you watch the endless stream beautiful people walk out of Gold’s Gym across the street.

If only you had their self control.

Image – mami-eggroll.com