KFC Plans To Make Its Packaging Edible

If you’re a person who’s gone to KFC and thought ‘this chicken is great, I really wish I could eat the bucket” you might just be in luck.

Kentucky Fried Chicken better known as KFC is one of the giants of the fast food industry, known the world over for its proud heritage of Southern fried chicken, delicious gravy, flavourful milkshakes and coronary heart dsease. Ever since its arrival in India in the early 2000’s, KFC has done very little to significantly update its menu except for occasionally adding some vegetarian crap to pander to Gujaratis.

Until now.

The plan is for KFC to replace the plastic packaging which comes with some of its food with eatable tortilla, the same thing they make nachos. This move is will no doubt come as a surprise to many analysts, as it’s the first time a KFC product will actually be edible.  According to the Economic Times, ‘KFC has already invested heavily in its innovation team and the edible bowl is the result of it’. Though wondering how anyone invests a lot of money on innovating a tortilla bowl is well beyond my pay grade.

This campaign will replace the plastic packaging on the Rice Bowlz, one of KFC’s best selling items in India, starting with Bangalore and is in fact an “India first innovation” according the KFC MD Mr. Rahul Shinde. The main purpose for this dramatic and probably expensive move by KFC is to get around an absurd decision by the Karnataka government (at least one of them) recently.

Karnataka, a state best known for not being Kerala, decided to outlaw plastic back in May. Not just plastic bags, plastic anything, because it was a much easier thing to do than update or at least clean their colonial era drainage system.  This move has compelled KFC, among others to think out of the box (so to speak) in order to be able to continue selling what they call food.

TBR Insight: It’ll still be a while before this plan is implemented in Bombay’s KFCs, so please refrain from eating the packaging till that happens.

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