Gone In A Flash: The Little Door’s Friday Sale

Whether you’re someone who works full time, or just looking for your weekly dose of pretending to be a social human being, Friday nights can be pretty frustrating. Somehow all good things are always on Saturdays or Sundays. Well guess what? We’ve found you just the right thing to do.

There’s a sale at The Little Door (that quaint and cool little place to drunch with bros) this Friday, and while it may not be the kind of flash sale you’re thinking of, it’s way better once you know what it is. The Little Door’s ‘Friday Flash Sale’ makes every alcohol fiend’s wildest dreams come true. Beers like Budweiser and Bira, bottled urine like Fosters, as well as cocktails like Jagerbombs and Long Island Ice Teas, will all be made available for Rs 100-300 every 45 minutes.

The only catch is, you need to befriend the hosts and the bartenders in order to get the best deals on your alcohol. So it’s basically like real life.

It’s fair to assume you’ll have to take your social skills up a notch, like way up, good enough to hang with the posh Lokhandwala crowd. Sorta like this guy, who nails his proposal. I’d give him free drinks any day. If for some reason you can’t be a part of this revelry, there’s always the local wine shop and the adjoining footpath if you want to keep it classy.

Date: 2nd September

Time: 8pm to 1am

Venue: The Little Door, Andheri West

RSVP here

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