What Happens When You Send A Chef To The Mithibai Canteen

This Article was written by Arpit Purohit, a trained pastry chef and professional angry person. Even though he lives in Goregaon, he’s a pretty cool person. He’s also a vegetarian who only drinks vodka. 

As a proud student of SVKM, better known to rickshaw drivers as Mithibai, I never truly spent much time at the canteen. I had dreams, the hope that someday I’d make something of myself, that I’d be a great chef, with my own show, a restaurant chain and a tattoo of a knife on my forearm. But no, here I am six years later, exchanging pleasantries with two losers who work out of a bar, neither of whom knows what a risotto is.

Image Source: NM College Memes
Image Source: NM College Memes

I wasn’t really a huge fan of the canteen, but all of that changed once they opened up Aditi, run by the same people that gave us Amar Juice Centre. Amidst the sea of exasperating people talking in Gujarati, I found bliss. It even gave me the incentive to take up a Masters Degree.

1) 99 Masala Pav

Price: Rs.40

This isn’t actually on the menu; it’s a part of the secret menu that only sad, fatties like me know about. It’s spicy enough to make my eyes water, at least that’s what I tell my friends when they ask me why I’m crying.

2) White Sauce Pasta

Price: Rs.80

There’s a whole station dedicated solely to the white sauce pasta, which makes it a lot easier to yell at the guy making it to speed up. Don’t yell at him too much though, he’s still in a good position to piss in your food. For just 80 bucks you get served broccoli, bell peppers, American corn and olives, which are the vegetarian equivalents of caviar. It’s topped up with loads of cheese so that you can feel guilty for eating it later. Overall, I love it.

3) Palak Cheese Dosa

Price: Rs.35

As a normal person I generally do everything in my power to avoid palak, not even years of watching Popeye could warm me up to it. But college changed all of that, the Mithibai palak dosa is basically just spinach paste and cheese on a crisp dosa, and while it sounds disgusting, it’s actually pretty good. As we found out earlier, large amounts of cheese can save almost any disgusting vegetarian food.

In my opinion, SVKM has some of the best food of any college in the city; all you need to do to try it out is to get 96% in your board exams. Or you could just walk through the main gate when nobody’s looking, whichever’s easier.

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