Why Didn’t I Shave? To Fight Cancer, That’s Why

Men’s health, much like the magazine Men’s Health, is something most people don’t even pretend to give care about. Talking about men’s issues in 2016 is almost as offensive to some feminists as talking about facts. 19th November was International Men’s Day and it didn’t get so much as a Google Doodle, an honour reserved only for Cookie Monsters and Pencil Shavings.

Obviously men’s issues like suicide, heart disease and trying to pee with morning wood aren’t going to get any attention by overt campaigning, or basic human empathy, which is why Paprika Labs and Dineamic had to come up with a nifty system involving beards, alcohol and Android phones to raise money for prostate cancer research. It’s as interesting as it is ingenious, and the rules are pretty simple and straightforward if you read them five times;

Step 1: Download the Dineamic App on the Play Store.

Step 2: Grow a beard. The longer the beard, the more you’re against cancer. Growing a beard shows solidarity with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who can’t grow them. It’s like walking to show your support for people in wheelchairs, or going to a charity concert for deaf people.

Step 3: The Dineamic app will help you generate a discount coupon which can be used in the following restaurants for the whole of November;

  • The Bombay Bronx– Breach Candy
  • The Barking Deer Brewpub– Lower Parel
  • Bonobo – Bandra
  • Desi Deli– Bandra & Andheri
  • The Elbow Room- Bandra
  • Birdsong – The Organic Cafe– Bandra
  • IBAR– Bandra
  • Bungalow 9– Bandra
  • Raasta Bombay– Khar
  • Harry’s Bar + Cafe India– Andheri, Powai & Kurla
  • The House-, Andheri
  • The Little Door – Mumbai, Andheri

Men’s health, although overlooked and scoffed at by men and women alike, turns out to unfortunately be a real issue. Men’s suicide rates are much higher than women’s, and testicular cancer gets a fraction of the research grants that breast cancer does. We get it, boobs are awesome and testicles are horrifying, but all we ask is that you grow your beard out for a month and get some sweet discounts on alcohol.

TBR Tip: The longer your beard, the larger the discount.




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