Painting A Station Won’t Get You Arrested

Graffiti; when poor people do it, it’s a felony, when rich people do it, it’s a statement. The good people of Making A Difference (MAD) launched an initiative earlier this year to make Mumbai’s train stations look prettier by giving them a serious makeover, not with paan, but with paint. They’ve already finished off with Borivali and Khar following the ancient law of the playground ‘worst is first’ but are poised to finish off every other station on the Western and Central lines. I’m assuming it’s just the Western and Central lines they’re after; the Harbour Line is perfect the way it is. Besides I seriously doubt they take kindly to rich people with colour palettes on the Harbour Line.

As much as I love the railways even I have to admit they’re pretty disgusting; I mean a long term solution to this could be to initiate a campaign to hold bureaucrats accountable to the public for letting stations fall into disarray; but that’s way too hard, let’s just make stations look pretty instead. What I do like about this project is that’s it’s completely open to anyone with a paintbrush and a dream.

Even you can participate, no matter how bad you are at art or how terrible you are as a human being.  An opportunity to leave your mark on the world only comes once in a lifetime. Most of us will never have our names known, most of us are condemned to fade into obscurity, to have all traces of our existence buried by the sands of time; our only shot at a legacy is to paint a station, or throw a dog from a roof and hope the video goes viral; either way the Bombay Report has your back.

If you’d like to register as a volunteer you can do it here.

Dates: 2nd October- 8th October 2016. (Dry Week)

Venue: Pretty Much any station on the Western and Central Lines.

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