Sofar? So Good: The Underground Music Scene Just Got More Exclusive

Every time you go for a gig, it’s the same old scene. You walk into the place feeling all pumped up and excited and then are suddenly hit by a shit-storm due to the sheer number of people, lack of space to move around and the godawful smell of human sweat, cheap cologne and alcohol. Personally it takes me at least about 3 drinks to recover from this shit-storm to really be able to appreciate the music that is being played and not concentrate on that idiot who just stepped on my shoes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that at these kind of gigs, it’s not all about the music; that’s quite evident from looking at the guy who is hobbling around the venue as if somebody kicked him really hard in the groin. He just came to get wasted.

People like me go to gigs because we actually want to appreciate the music that is being played, and I say that not in a condescending way. If you’re that type of person, you may be interested in checking out Sofar Sounds, which is a community of music lovers that creates unforgettable experiences, like DJs, but in a good way. Simply put, they host intimate live music performances inside people’s houses. Over here, it’s all about the music. You will even find people sitting down on the ground and enjoying the gig like at this particular Sofar.

Sofar Cover 1

So How Does This Whole Thing Work?

So Far is a crowd-funded community that exists in many other countries, and a couple of cities in India. So basically how it works is that you can apply to be a host of a gig (they call it a Sofar) through their website. Once you meet their criteria, then they’ll host a gig in your house.

I’m Uncomfortable With The Huddled Masses Sheltering In My Home

The venue and artists are kept secret and the audience is regulated to create a congenial atmosphere. There will be no trashing of the house here. Take a chill pill and kill Bill.

I’m Listening, Do Go On

To attend a Sofar, you have to register on their website. This would put your name in a draw. From that list, the team selects the guests for the night. They do this to try to get a mix of different age groups and stuff in the audience, so don’t be surprised if you find your granddaddy there. Oh and here’s the best part: it’s BYOB and you can pay however much you want for the ticket, there is no compulsory charge. But if you’ve lived in India for as long as I have you can be damn sure there’ll be a compulsory charge soon enough. We’re a stingy people.

I Still Get Paid Right? I Mean Ya Boy Needs To Get Paid.

No man, stop doing things only for money. If you want a nice chill evening with some good music in your home, then this is for you.

What About The Artists, Do They Get Paid?

Not really, besides, artists are supposed to be poor. And while playing at a venue with real human beings would technically count as PR for an artist, these events are all about playing music for the love of music without any ulterior motive.

Who Runs Sofar?

The team comprises mostly of volunteers who have one thing in common: they love music. They sort out all the equipment needed for the gig, including AV production and cleaning up the house afterwards.

Should I Check It Out?

Hell yeah! Here’s a gig platform that actually cares about the music rather than money, I’m talking about you, Sunburn.

All in all, this concept and community seems pretty lit if you ask me. You can register for their next event here.

This article was written by Banda Lamba, he has six-pack abs, so we really couldn’t tell him no. He’s a full time copywriter and can do more pushups than we can.

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