Streo: A Cool Way To Live-Streo-m Music

The article was written by Banda Lamba, he has six-pack abs, so we really couldn’t tell him no. He’s a full time copywriter and can do more pushups than we can.

Mobile apps have had an enormous impact on our everyday lives, Facebook helps you share aspects of your life with your friends; and the NSA, Instagram lets you look at hot people in secret, Tinder helps you get laid, and Pokémon Go helps you not get laid. Aliens never invaded us, mobile apps did. There’s isn’t just an app for everything; these days, there are multiple apps for everything, hell there’s even one for when you’re bored while taking a massive dump, and surprisingly it doesn’t redirect you to the Mumbai Mirror.

One such app (it’s not related to pooping) that we’re going to talk about is called Streo.

What does this shit do?

Streo is a mobile app that’s meant for streaming music. In this, you can stream entire playlists.

That sounds like every goddamn app out there, why is this one any different?

This is the cool part. Through this app, you can stream DJ playlists that are being played live anywhere in the country: be it from Café Mambo in Goa to Kitty Su in New Delhi and even Bonobo in Bandra. Apart from that, on the home page is a list of future events that you can save as reminders in case you want to attend them or even be notified about them.

Once the event is over, the playlist is still available on the app, for streaming of course.

Nice, would this app render DJs obsolete?

Unfortunately, No.

Oh, damn. Still, it’s a pretty cool concept man.

Yes it is, you bright young lad. The app however seems to still be in its embryonic stage, meaning that it has a long way to go. It can only get better from here though; unless zombies take over the world and the developers no longer have time to come up with updates. The only phone that would be of any use in a zombie apocalypse would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But at least in an age of Armageddon, it would finally be acceptable to shoot our political enemies and people who don’t read this website. I mean it would obviously be morally wrong, but we’d still do it anyway.

So how does it make my life marginally easier?

Since we’re discussing hypotheticals anyway, imagine this: you’re having a party and everybody is too wasted to think about what song to put next, what do you do? Or even generally speaking when you’re having a party but you’re into Western Classical and your friends aren’t because they’re unwashed Huns.

You can also use it to check out the kind of music that is generally played at a particular venue/bar, I guarantee 90% of the songs you find will feature Pitbull. It gives you the liberty to act cool in your friend group because you know all the latest shit being played in clubs and gigs; apparently knowing DJ music is what passes off as cool these days. But most importantly it lets you avoid Bollywood nights entirely.

Jokes aside though, the concept is pretty cool. I’m not going to give you the link to Streo, do some exercise and go to your app store and find it yourself. Unless you have a Windows phone in which case if you’ve brought this technological and social ostracism on yourself but you could always throw a ghati party instead.



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