Summer House Cafe Is Opening At Todi Mill, And Why That’s A Bad Idea

In the spirit of Social and Raasta, Summer House Cafe is planning to be yet another nice but somehow seedy pub from Delhi to come to Bombay.  If you haven’t heard of them, they’re the people who got Coldplay to first visit India, so you can thank or hate them passionately accordingly. So yeah, those guys are setting up shop in Todi Mill and we think that’s a terrible idea, and we’re not saying this because they didn’t invite us to the opening. I’m sure our invitations got lost at the post office. We’re saying it because condescendingly pointing out people’s mistakes is one of the core principles of blogging.

Todi Mill is one of the most depressing places in existence. It’s literally the dilapidated remains of old Bombay’s industrial past, drinking at Todi Mill somehow feels like drinking at the place that fired your grandpa back in the day. It’s also pretty terrifying at night, even if you’re 6’6 and play basketball, which I’m not, and I don’t. Then there’s the fact that there are already some pretty nice pubs in the vicinity like Social and Cafe Zoe, which means Summer House Cafe is going have their work cut out for them. Selling alcohol to miserable office goers in Lower Parel isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Opening a pub next to Social is suicide, just ask Raasta, Khar, they’ve been around for months and I’ve never seen anyone enter or leave, Hoppipolla even had to relaunch just so people would show up. They’re that vicious. I totally get the fact that it’s physically impossible to be in Mumbai and not be at least 300 metres away from the nearest Social, but come on; would it kill you to open a pub in Santacruz? Santacruz is cool too.

Summer House Cafe likely to open sometime in mid to late November this year, and rumour has it Mike Posner is set to perform there, which makes perfect sense. It brings to mind one of his lyrics ‘You’ve got designer shades, just to hide your face and you wear them around like you’re cooler than me’ which is basically Delhi in a nutshell. But when all is said and all is done, I’m glad there’s another great bar from Delhi in town that serve me great cocktails then screw me over on taxes.

TBR Insight: Contrary to popular belief and observation, Hoppipolla isn’t really from Delhi. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

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