White Owl’s Newest Beer Is Delicious; Let’s Save It


So we were at the Hoppipola reopening ceremony last week because a couple of people mistook us for serious writers and we decided to play along because we really wanted some free food; when we came across a nice young lady who presented us with what we were told would be White Owl’s newest craft beer. It was next to impossible to hear exactly what she was saying because at Hoppipola it’s company policy that the music be just loud enough to drown out any intelligent conversation.

Still, thanks to a complicated series of hand gestures and yelling we were able to figure out the gist of what she was saying. White Owl had a new beer and we’d be the first ones to try it. It’s called Spark, and it’s a Belgian Wit, which sounds like a punchline for a joke, but is just an anglicized word for Witbier, which is wheat beer. Spark, just like 99.9% of all Indian craft beer was flavoured with the essence of citrus.

Obviously I wasn’t particularly keen on trying yet another orange-flavoured beer; I’ve had more than my fair share of Brewbot’s painful to taste and even more painfully named Botwok Orange and Bira’s misleadingly named Bira White. I absolutely despise citrus beers, they’re a disgrace to beer and quite frankly not very flattering to citrus either. You see where this is going…


Spark changed everything. Sure they served it to me in a plastic cup and it looks suspiciously like ganna juice, but it was good, very, very good. We liked it so much that we asked for another, and then another. It did taste a bit like orange, but in a good way, like kissing a girl after she eats an orange mentos. The citrus flavouring didn’t by any means diminish the flavour of the actual beer like in the Botwok Orange and Bira White, it was just so much more balanced. It made me feel like I was having a real beer, not an expired carton of orange juice.

Many things in this world don’t deserve to exist, Crocs for example, and possibly vegetarians, but I truly believe something as delicious as Spark deserves it’s place in the world, and in mah belly.

How can I get my filthy paws on it?

Head over to White Owl’s Facebook page to find the list of bars all over the city where you can snatch up their delicious craft beer.

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