White Rabbit Red Rabbit: The Play Without A Script

Some people feel like being party animals on the weekend while others prefer sipping on alcohol and regret; and most places in this city cater perfectly to these basic human needs. Hardcore rock gigs (or EDM) at antiSOCIAL may or may not interest you, and tea parties at the Hive definitely won’t interest you, but this weekend has a slightly more nuanced form of entertainment to offer. A play. Its name; White Rabbit Red Rabbit.

While ‘no rehearsal, no director, and a different actor in each show’ may sound a lot like a Sajid Khan movie, it’s actually the rather interesting premise of a production being staged by QTP at Canvas Laugh Club this Sunday.

‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’, is a play by the Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour. It’s to be performed by Anu Menon, who once played the role of beloved VJ Lola Kutty. The entire play itself is shrouded in mystery, with neither the actor nor the audience having a clue about what the script is, because it’s in a sealed envelope on stage. The actor will read its contents for the first time on stage, and must perform the play as per the instructions of the playwright. Despite what your friends tell you, drunkenly performing your rendition of a Daler Mehndi song isn’t live theatre in its purest form. This definitely is.

The premise is evidently captivating, and we’re sure it’ll draw a crowd that isn’t just limited to theatre enthusiasts and Parsis (what’s the difference, amiright?). Rest assured, you shouldn’t be worried being surrounded by snobs, who lightly sip on their tea while discussing the theme of the play in fake American accents.

Date: Sunday, 4th September
Venue: Canvas Laugh Club
Time: 7pm
Tickets: Available here for Rs 500/-



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