Pizza Vending Machines; The Future Of Railway Refreshment

If you like ordering pizzas to go, but hate having to interact with another human being, this article might just give you some hope. Because there’s an actual company called Yess Pizza that’s supposedly come up with the technology to dispense real pizza through a vending machine, and best of all they’re planning on bringing it to a station near you (if CST, Kalyan, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Mumbai Central and Andheri are stations near you). Which one of us hasn’t honestly looked at Kalyan station and gone “You know what, I could really go for a paneer pizza”?.

To all my brothers and sisters out there who don’t lose their appetite every time they pass through Dadar station, to all the people who’ve been condemned to years of railway vada pav and Balalji chips, to all of us who’ve suffered the indignity of not getting a pizza exactly three minutes after placing an order at Dominos, today we rise, today we take our country back.


Obviously Yess Pizza is only still in talks with the Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) which considering government bureaucracy means we’re anywhere between one and one hundred years away from pizza on demand. Yess Pizza promises that its products will be hygienic, because people who buy food at CST have really come to expect certain standards of quality.

Pizza vending machines may seem inconsequential, but they aren’t. They’re a testament to how far this City’s railways have come, we have wifi, air conditioned carriages and now pizza dispensers. Maybe one day we’ll be able to focus on smaller things like the 2000 fatalities a year. Either way, I really look forward to getting into a fight with a vending machine when it takes my money and gets jammed.

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