3 Chicken Burgers Whose Goodness We Acknowledge

We’re not going to lie; as culinary Columbuses, as Magellans of meat, & Galileos of gastronomy, we find it really difficult to be impressed by chicken burgers. No disrespect to people who like them, but we find them about as interesting as somebody else’s vacation photos. With that said, there have been a few chicken burgers that we’ve encountered on our epic journeys across Bombay that we find thoroughly enjoyable; though we’d still happily trade them in for the half-eaten pork chop at the next table.

Chicken Not So Little, Between Breads

Between Breads were, at one time, pioneers of the Mumbai burger movement. In a desolate land of Mc.Chickens and Zingers, it was the first to open a restaurant dedicated solely to burgers. However, over the years, due to serious competition and a seeming inability to evolve, it’s fallen heavily out of fashion. But what they lack in innovation & relevance, they more than make up for with their tireless dedication to mediocrity. This modestly sized sandwich, which contains more coleslaw than actual chicken, is simply scrumptious. We sincerely appreciated the way they named the burger after Chicken Little, one of the first Disney films to bravely admit to the existence of alien life.

Teriyaki Burger, Chunkies

tastes better than it looks

We’ve been guilty of making fun of Chunkies with jokes saying they source their meat from the BMC morgue, but we’ll be the first to defend just how great they are. They’re legitimately the only fried chicken chain we love unconditionally, which is why we highly recommend their Teriyaki Burger. It may have a face only a mother could love, but this delicious little treat is far superior to anything you’ll get at McDonald’s, and cheaper too; not that it’s saying very much. With outlets all over the city, you’re never too far from this KFC knockoff thats arguably ten times better.

The Cheese-stuffed Herbed Chicken, Jimis Burger


While many think of our (now infamous) intern Derrick as nothing but a freeloader and violent misogynist, we can vouch that those two things do not define his entire personality. Apart from being a skilled musician and seasoned director, Derrick also introduced us to Jimis burger in Malad, back when it was just a tiny room with two chairs and non-existent ventilation. The Cheese & Herb stuffed chicken burger was a revelation in it’s own right; elevating the humble minced chicken patty with an almost perfect blend of herbs and molten cheese. If any of the chicken sandwiches on this list deserve to be promoted to ‘burger’ status, it’s this one.

While we still maintain that chicken burgers aren’t real burgers, we can’t pretend we don’t enjoy them every once in a while. These aren’t the best chicken burgers in city, because we haven’t tried enough of them to make an informed decision. However, they were all delicious, and we acknowledge their goodness. If you think you know a chicken burger in Mumbai that we’d love, message us your suggestion on instagram & we’ll be sure to snootily scoff at it.

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