3 Places In Mumbai For A Great Steak

As a website that’s revered locally, recognised nationally, and surveilled globally, we take safety very seriously; particularly our own, but yours too. We only recommend food that we’re absolutely certain is fit for human consumption by first testing its effects on our bottomless pit of interns; and yet somehow, we’re still more ethical and proficient than the World Health Organisation. Using this trademark system, we’re able to declare that all the steaks mentioned in this article are perfectly healthy, and won’t do you wrong unless you try to sell them at an electronics store. Mumbai’s steak scene is still quite pathetic in general, but the three restaurants below are proof that there’s no longer any excuse for a bad cut of beef:

Prime Cut Tenderloin Steak , The Burger Pit

While it would totally be on brand for us to insert a mean joke about Borivali by calling them an agrarian society or the like, out of respect for The Burger Pit, we will let it pass. While fairly thin, the Prime Cut Tenderloin Steak was extremely tender and juicy. Pepper steak paired with some mashed potato and assorted vegetables which were rather impressive in their own right.

T-Bone Steak, Stacks & Racks

As regular customers at Stacks & Racks for the last four years, we’ve only been able to get access to the T-Bone Steak a grand total of one time; and it’s every bit as magical as we’d hoped for. While lesser steaks try to divert your attention with things like mashed potatoes, the T-Bone Steak at Stacks & Racks has no need for such vain enhancements, and is served just with measly portion of vegetables.  Though it is an absolute mouthful and you’ll need at least two sittings to conquer this monster, it’s also surprisingly delicious.

Pepper Steak With Mushrooms, Kobe

The Pepper Steak With Mushrooms sizzler at Kobe is really close to our hearts, at least when they manage to get it right, which they usually don’t. It isn’t so much the quality of the cut that we think is particularly good; because it isn’t, but rather their delicious peppercorn sauce which is one of our favourites. Kobe’s sizzlers have remained unchanged for decades, and that familiarity is something we find extremely endearing.

Have you tried a better steak somewhere in the city? Do you think ‘paneer steak’ counts as real steak? Let us know on Instagram, we really value your opinion.

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