3 Vegetarian Places That We Don’t Completely Despise

If the recent BLM protests have taught us anything other than just how flammable supermarkets really are, it’s that we as an organisation need to confront our chequered past with discrimination. Today, we’re not going to apologise to the vegetarian community for calling them a waste of government resources, nor are we going to stop posting pictures of bacon wrapped prawns on all their Facebook groups. Instead, we’re going to bestow upon them, the highest TBR honour, a begrudgingly written, hastily compiled, and poorly edited review about three vegetarian restaurants that we’d maybe be okay eating at, if we really had no other options:

Pancham Puriwala, CST

Pancham Puriwala can trace its history all the way back to 1848, which would make it one of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai at 172 years; or so we’re told. While their age is certainly fascinating, what’s even more impressive is how they manage to serve such impeccable Masala Khichdi, complete with crisp papad & a tangy kadhi. You’d think that it would be impossible to make such mundane, vegetarian food even remotely interesting, but Pancham Puriwala has a century and a half of R&D to pull it off.

Maharaja Bhog

While it may appear to be little more than Shiv Sagar with a superiority complex, Maharaja Bhog truly is an institution worthy of its imperial title. From the massive brass thalis to the sitar solos playing on the intercom, everything about it feels both regal yet familiar. The thali may very well be the pinnacle of how good veg food can get, and we can all agree that the Dahi Kachori was an absolute masterpiece. However, we recommend you stay away from the soy beans, because they lower your testosterone, and that may affect your driving.

Badshah, Crawford Market

Every time we visit Crawford Market to stock up on ammunition to prepare for the coming UN takeover, there’s nothing quite like a nice meal at Badshah. Aside from having arguably one of the best faloodas in the city, whose secret formula we’re definitely going to try and steal at some point, this 105 year old bulwark of old Bombay’s restaurant scene, is no slouch when it comes to Pav Bhaji and Mysore Sada Dosa. As far as prices go, Badshah isn’t particularly expensive, although you will be forced to sit with complete strangers, and if you’re really lucky, they won’t breathe in your ear.

Are you a vegetarian? That sucks.

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