What We’re All About

Certified by white people.
Certified by white people.


Who We Are:

The Bombay Report was founded not too long ago by borderline competent friends who were sick of the lack of fun things to do in the city, for a reasonable price. What they discovered will mildly impress you; Bombay is actually a rather amazing place if you know exactly what to do and where to do it.

What We Do:

We send our team of unpaid writing monkeys, or interns as they’re formally known, to some of the most exciting, unknown, chic and frequently dangerous locations all over this great city (and Borivali), just so we can present you with the finest, most relevant and coolest things to do, all in the hope that you go out and do them. There’s a lot of fun to go around and a lot of memories to be made; and if we’re lucky maybe we’ll learn a thing or two about the beautiful, sprawling metropolis we live in.

Why We Do It:

We do what we do because we genuinely believe that a city that works as hard as Mumbai deserves to have a good time as often as humanly possible, otherwise what’s the point of it all? You don’t need wads of cash to have a good time, and we’re out to prove it.

Why You Should Stick With Us:

Let’s be honest, we live in one of the most phenomenal cities in the world, yet we all end up doing the exactly the same thing every weekend; absolutely nothing. The Bombay Report offers you a chance to have an amazing time and do a new and exciting thing each day, all without having to squander your inheritance, because if there’s one thing we at TBR enjoy more than a good time, it’s finding innovative ways to pay less. We are the future of doing crazy, barely legal things and putting it on the internet, the question is, will you join us?