The Right To Stare At Arms

In India we have a sacred, constitutional right to protect ourselves with just our bare arms; anything else is an absolute no no, just ask Sanjay Dutt. But the constitution was nice enough to give us the right to ogle at guns in a gun shop for about twenty minutes before the owners started getting suspicious of our intentions, which is exactly what we did at Hassanand Hemandas and Co.

So we weren’t technically allowed to take any pictures of the actual guns, because the staff repeatedly¬†asked¬†us not to. But they were nice enough to let us take pictures of the outside of their shop when we lied to them about being serious writers. Only adults with firearms licences are allowed to enter the actual shop, kids with third rate DSLRs have to stand next to the air rifles, which are still pretty badass, even though .177 calibers are for losers. 90s kids use .22s

We took pictures anyway because we’re fuckin thugs

We did learn something pretty cool though, if you’re an adult (you are), you can buy an air gun without any ID, all you need is 14k and a grudge. They had some impressive plastic stalked rifles, though I preferred the wooden ones, you can’t be a legitimate air gun owner until you have fingers riddled with splinters. If you do plan on buying an air gun you better hurry up before some activist tries to have them all banned and there’ll be nothing we can do about it. Well maybe the Second Amendment people can.

TBR Tip: You can’t shoot pigeons anymore. Legally.

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