Blue Frog, The Less Fancy NCPA, Plays Its Final Tune

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or smoking too much of that battery flavored weed at Churchgate (seriously, take it easy on that stuff), you are probably aware that Blue Frog, one of the city’s most iconic music venues, just had its last set of gigs this past weekend.

But just a set of gigs wasn’t enough, now was it? So instead Blue Frog decided to host a 3 day fest called The Frogfest, which started everyday at 5pm and ended at around 1am. Now me being an avid lover of music and ‘scenes’ on a Saturday night, I decided to go for day 2 of the Frogfest (mostly because I was also too broke to go for the other 2 days since it is the month’s end and my salary isn’t as handsome as I am).

So after reaching and paying an entry fee of 400 bucks, I walked in to find Blue Frog to be as crowded as Dadar Station. No surprise there. The first thing I heard was a Pink Floyd track playing in the background with the drummer of Dark Circle Factory hitting out some groovy beats to the track. I instantly felt at home.

While I was there, I witnessed performances by Dark Circle Factory, Komorebi, Midival Punditz and one more artist. To be honest, by the time Midival Punditz got done, I was already too drunk to even know if I was having my beer or somebody else’s.

Midival Punditz. The highlight of the night.
Midival Punditz. The highlight of the night.

Why should you give a damn?

I’m going to get a little sentimental over here and talk about the music scene. There aren’t many places that serve as pioneers of music and upcoming artists in the city and country. Blue Frog is one such rarity. I’ve been going to Blue Frog ever since I attended an Infected Mushroom (which happens to be one of my favorite bands) gig in the Delhi Blue Frog in about 2010 (that’s right, I’m from Delhi. Tu jaanta hain mera baap kaun hai?!). It is one of the only places where you can actually discover great new music, although it doesn’t help that pints of beer costs Rs.336 a pop.

So, all in all, you should give a damn because Blue Frog is the lifeline of live music performances in Mumbai.

You probably shouldn’t give a damn though if you are one of those people who puts “EDM lover” in their Tinder bios, but if you are, Hardwell is playing next week at a Ganpati Visarjan in Dadar.

Blue Frog now is planning on opening in two new venues. Am I optimistic about this? Yes I am, however I fear that neither of these two venues would end up being as good as the original Blue Frog that once stood at Lower Parel, but only time will tell.

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