The Bombay Report; An Update

Before we start pretending like we didn’t just go off the grid for seven months, we’d like to say we’re sorry. Leaving you to plan your own drunken escapades without so much as a ‘goodbye’ was a pretty shitty thing to do, and to atone for our sins we plan to have Derrick the Intern flogged and thoroughly beaten. But this isn’t just an overdue apology, it’s an invitation.

If you like right wing propaganda masquerading as a city guide, but don’t speak the vernacular, or you like finding cheap food and booze at pre GST prices, but don’t want to ask around for fear of looking cheap, we’re your guys.

Our adventures at The Bombay Report are some of the best we’ve ever had. Sure, eating, drinking, and ranting about nonsense are all really fun, but doing them for the greater good of man gives us an air of self-righteousness and importance that we can’t find anywhere else in our lives. And so we’re happy to proclaim; we’re back.

…At least as soon as Derrick remembers the password to our WordPress account.


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