Burger Bros Bandra; Bacon, Beef & Carter Road


We’ve never really liked Carter Road because it’s full of tourists, teenagers, and joggers, which neutralises the value of any good deals. If that wasn’t bad enough, the restaurants at Carter Road have shorter shelf lives than many of their perishables, owing to the criminal amounts of money they spend on rent. If financial insolvency doesn’t get them, the BMC definitely will. In the end the BMC comes for us all.

It didn’t initially make sense to risk life and limb reviewing a place that would shut down before we could even finish artificially enhancing our photographs. But now it does. We’ve been observing Burger Bros from our windowless white van for at least four months, but before we were ready to commit our expendable writers and part with her our precious money, we wanted to see if it would survive Carter Road’s perilous trial by fire; lasting six months. Which it managed, making it the oldest institution in a two-kilometre radius; a fact we refuse to verify.

The first thing you’ll notice about Burger Bros is the seating, which consists exclusively of very high stools, the exact opposite of The Burgery. They might look only slightly uncomfortable at first, but they’re actually extremely excruciating. There are six empty photo frames on the walls, and nobody, not even the manager could explain why. They don’t have any tap water because the BMC cut their pipeline, like the Looney Tunes villains they are. The thing that annoyed us the most was their rampant overuse of the word bro on the menu. We get it, you went to St. Andrew’s.

All its quirks aside, Burger Bros is so genuinely amazing you have to grant them a free pass. We know this because we gorged on three items on their menu along with two of their sauces.

Cheesy Homemade Hand Cut Fries

Rs. 160

The fries at Burger Bros, true to their name, looked hand-cut and tasted homemade. What did make them excellent, though, was a combination of the Hot & Crispy Sweet Bacon topping and the Marathi Thecha (Chilli Paste) dip which we added to our order for a nominal fee. Burger Bros is just one of those honourable establishments that sincerely take the time to prepare their own fries and instead of just dropping a packet of Venky’s in hot oil; because they’re a restaurant, not a housewife with unexpected company.

Fiery Chicken Bro

Rs. 285

For people obsessed with the word ‘bro’, the staff at Burger Bro are surprisingly articulate, given the absolutely accuracy with which they describe the items on the menu. The Fiery Chicken Bro is a crispy chicken burger that tastes well, fiery. That’s the only way to describe it. It was probably our favourite item, in a menu of incredible things.

Double Cheese Bugger

Rs. 325

The Double Cheese Bugger was almost divine; just two full minced patties in a soft bun of goodness. It was a little bland, but that made the melted sliced cheese taste all the more good. It was one of the most satisfying burgers we’ve had so far, and one of the best in Bandra by a long shot.

The Decree: Although thete are many reasons not to go to Carter Road, Burger Bros might just make it worth your while.

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