THC; They’re Bringing Drugs, Crime, And Great Food

As an Indian person who only pretends to know about food for a living, I never quite understood what Chipotle was. Apparently it’s type of jalapeño that’s been dried, and plays a vital part in Tex- Mex cuisine, which in the midst of a Trump Presidency will have to be called Tex//Mex. It’s spicy by American standards, which by Indian standards is mildly tangy, but the good people at THC have an extra spicy variant that’s proven to be a worthy adversary.  They call it THC because legally speaking the word ‘Chipotle’ is trademarked by an American company internationally acclaimed for its Chicken Burrito bowls and its E-Coli.


THC isn’t a Mexican restaurant, it’s a restaurant that takes an element of Mexican cuisine and adds to foods like paninis and hamburgers; at least that’s how they see it. I see it as Mexican sauces taking away good paying jobs from Indian sauces. But I love it anyway. It’s an excellent sauce infused into excellent food. And it’s one of the only places in the city you can get real Chipotle sauce, the market price of which is Rs.5000 per kilogram, that’s more than per kilo cost of human dignity, but they fly it in using a complicated import strategy known as being friends with an air hostess.

1) Chicken Nachos

Price: Rs.260


THC’s nachos weren’t so much a plate of nachos as they were a bowl of delicious chicken, cheese,and beans topped with a crazy amount of that bitchin’ Chipotle sauce. The chicken was so well cooked it actually warmed me up to the idea of consuming the carcass of a trash bird. I easily handled the Chicken Nachos; the two bottles of water they had to serve me were purely coincidental.

2) Peanut Butter Chicken Panini

Price: Rs. 280


Everything we got at THC was different degrees of excellent, but our personal favourite was the peanut butter chicken Panini. The bread was freshly baked and the chicken, peanut butter and chipotle sauce somehow managed to work together to make something delicious. I hate using the word flavourful because I’m not a Zomato reviewer, but I can’t think of a word that better describes it.

3) Fish Burger

Price: Rs.300


THC’s fish burger was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, if you think chicken goes well with Chipotle don’t even get me started with fish. Again, like everything else we had, it just worked somehow even though logic would dictate that it shouldn’t. By throwing Chipotle into the mix THC essentially has a silver bullet against bad food. You could serve me 500 rupee notes in Chipotle sauce and I’d probably eat it. It’s just that good.


The Decree: You should absolutely check out THC and if possible, convince them to start selling their sauce, we’re all sick of Tabasco. Also tell them The Bombay Report sent you, they’ll be sure to pretend they know who you’re talking about.

Location: Peninsula Park signal, Lower Parel West

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