Comparison: Which Is The Better Carter’s Blue?

From the desolate, tetanus-filled wasteland of Kurla, to the putrid black hole of hopes and dreams that is Versova, we’ve braved the harshest conditions in our never-ending pursuit of quality right-wing food journalism. And we’ve done so armed with nothing more than smiles on our faces and Bibles in our backpacks.

But there is one place which even we avoid at all costs, and that is Carter Road. Because between the unveiling of a new Social, crowds of 14 years olds who are richer than we are, & the leftist vegan activists trying to make the world a better place, it induces in us feelings of uncontrollable rage. But this article isn’t about our personal emotions, it’s about putting to rest one of the most divisive issues plaguing Bandra to date; which Carter’s Blue has the best shawarma on Carter Road?

Like other functional members of society, we love shawarmas. The reason why you’ll find two Carter’s Blues on the same street, flying the exact same colours, is a rather complex but remarkably boring geopolitical issue we’d rather not get into. For the sake of a more organised article, we’ve decided, rather innovatively, to call the Carter’s opposite Café Coffee Day the Carter’s Blue right next to Café Coffee Day, while the Carter’s Blue inside the lane, near The J, will be referred to as the Carter’s Blue right next to The J. Now that the contenders have been established, we’re ready to use the power bestowed upon us by the people to arrive at a decisive verdict once and for all.

The Carter’s Blue Opposite Café Coffee Day


This Carter’s Blue, which overlooks a café whose sole reason for existence is so casting directors can creepily proposition struggling actresses, was the site of one of the first stalls to introduce Mumbai to shawarmas. It was where the original Carters Blue began, before it moved a little ways into the lane. This Carter’s Blue is little more than a humble stall, with bright red, almost demonic looking chicken gently roasting away. The shawarma we got here had a more garlicky white sauce, and came with some dips, built in French fries, and the classic pickled carrot & beetroot. It was without question a decent snack, but the chicken did taste a little off, like something wasn’t just quite right.

The Carter’s Blue Right Next To The J


This Carter’s Blue, which started with the stall on the corner opposite CCD more than a decade ago, is the original. After some business disputes, it moved further into the lane, and is now a legitimate restaurant. And that more than anything is conclusive evidence that they’re really good at what they do. The chicken at this Carter’s Blue isn’t as violently red, and the spices seem to come together more beautifully. The shawarma here is what made the Carter’s Blue name famous, and it tastes the same way it always did.

The Decree: On our website, objective discussions about finding the better of two popular things often devolve into knife fights and us thumping our chests to assert dominance over the opposition. Surprisingly, this one wasn’t one of those times. The shawarma at the Carter’s Blue right next to The J is the original, and in our unanimous opinion a fair bit better that the one right next to Café Coffee Day. The real difference, and the only matters at the end of the day, is the taste of the actual chicken. Are they both good? Yes, but there can be just one OG.

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