Cheap, Custom Made Leather Shoes For A Bro On The Go

When you hear the phrase ‘custom made leather shoes’ you probably cringe. And we don’t blame you. You’d think they’re supposed to be expensive, elitist, impractical, and worn by the type of guy who steals your girlfriend, snorts coke, and then rigs the stock exchange. You’re definitely right on a lot of those counts, except for one; custom made leather shoes don’t have to be expensive, but that’s only if you know exactly where to look. And lucky for you, we do.


The place we’re talking about is called Mane Shoe Mart, don’t let the name or lack of walls fool you; the men who own and run it are master craftsmen who make Clarks and Tiberland’s shoes seem like they were made by minimum wage slaves in some remote sweatshop in Bangladesh. Because they most likely are. And the best part, they’re a lot cheaper too. A good pair of custom-made leather formals at Mane would set you back about Rs. 3000, compared to at least Rs.7000 for a good branded pair that’s been mass produced.

Then there’s the comfort. All the shoes at Mane are made specifically for whoever’s commissioned them using their exact measurements for the perfect fit. We definitely sound like snobs for even bringing this up but you’ll get what a huge difference it makes when you try it out for yourself.

open shoes

Finding Mane isn’t much of a problem either, it’s right opposite Crawford Market, outside the police commissioner’s office. So ever have a fancy date, or a job interview, or just intend to look a lot richer than you actually are, we seriously suggest you drop by Mane and pick up a pair of shoes. They’re not just shoes, they’re works of art made by men who truly love their trade in a time where they could have just as easily cashed out. And every pair of shoes they make reflects that.

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TBR Insight: They don’t deliver, so don’t ask. It really annoys the owner. Also they only make men’s shoes so I really hope LBB doesn’t rip this off.

Mane isn’t listed on Google either so, don’t forget to take down their address; Dr. DN Road, Outside the Police Commissioner’s Office, Gate No.4, Crawford Market, Mumbai: 400045

Phone Number: Raju- 7045281797, Aakash- 9987213223

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