Energee Is Doing Just Fine, Why Do You Ask?

If you’re one of those 90’s snobs who thinks your childhood was better than everyone else’s just because you had a gameboy and read Harry Potter, you’ll undoubtedly have loved Aarey Energee, aka. Energee, a.k.a. that flavoured milk thing that isn’t Amul Kool. I should know, I’m a bit of a 90’s snob myself except I never actually owned a gameboy and only pretended to read Harry Potter. However, my love for Energee is unquestionable.

Energee started in way back 1949, and inspite of its production facilities being stuck in what would soon become Goregaon East for nearly seven decades, it’s still managed to leave behind a positive legacy; at least until science proves that giving kids coloured milk isn’t such a good idea. The point is Energee is as much a part of Mumbai as vada pav, and just like with the BMC misappropriating public funds, it’s something we all grew up with and will hopefully be around long after we’re gone.

I’m sure it’s been a while since anyone’s had an Energee, we’ve long since changed our oral fixations from bottled milk to bottled beer. But I do sometimes reminisce about simpler time, when a bottle of Energee over a counter my head barely reached was one of the highlights of my day; from the indispensible Kesar, to the sweet, sweet Pineapple, to the other flavours I’ve never really bothered to try.

I’m not going to lie to you about the benefits of drinking milk, I’m going to save that for whenever this site gets sponsorships, all I ask is that the next time you’re at your local dukan buying eggs for your mum or more likely buying cigarettes for your teenage brother, you buy a bottle or two of Energee as well. If anything, to show your solidarity with a company that played an integral part in our Mumbai childhood experience.


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