Throwing A Ghati Party? We Have The Perfect Playlist For You

As proud proponents and practitioners of the ghati lifestyle, it pains us to admit that we’ve been noticing a very real slump the quality of how ghati parties are being conducted for some time now. There are three simple and perpetually binding rules to throwing a ghati party; first there needs to be at least three guys for every one girl, second there needs to be traditional food like pizza, potato chips and chutney sandwiches, and third, the music needs to be Hindi, or at least Taio Cruz who at this point is an honorary ghati.

Most guys who throw ghati parties willingly or unwillingly get rule one spot on; rule two somehow pulls through even though every group has that one loser who tries to order pasta, and rule three usually gets stomped on by pretentious millennials and their English music. Which is not to say English music can’t be ghati, it’s just to say that EDM isn’t ghati. It isn’t even music. Today the Bombay Report takes a stand.

Ghaati Party Post

As keyboard warriors and the online vanguard of ghati parties, we did extensive internet searches in order to compile the finest playlist of ghati music ever assembled. Then we realised our playlist was absolute garbage but fortunately the good gentlemen at had our middle class backs. So if you’re ever planning to throw a ghati party but are too gentrified to come up with a decent music playlist, just use this one.



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