So This Is Happening; The Harambe Candle Light Vigil

Credible media outlets tend to remain silent on matters of faith. But fortunately we’re not so much a credible media outlet as we are two underachievers hiding at an unknown location (Raasta, Khar is about as unknown as it gets). Which is why it brings us great pleasure to inform you that our brave brothers and sisters on the internet are hosting a candle light vigil for our fallen Lord and saviour; Harambe, who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo so he could die for our sins, especially Derrick the Intern’s. He knows what he did.


The march is to be held at Marine Drive and not Azad Maidan, because this is going to be a peaceful gathering, and is on the 28th of October, though it’s likely to be rescheduled considering the only time it’s legal for a large number of angry simpletons with an agenda to assemble without written police permission is at the Vagabomb office or Parliament.

Sorry, that was the whiskey talking. Anyway, as a long time atheist, memer and bitter person without a girlfriend, I’m actually glad we’re having a Harambe candle light vigil. We absolutely despise it when people tell us Harambe isn’t God. If we want to believe something not remotely based in reality then it isĀ our right as Indians to do so.

If you’d like to know more about the Harambe Candle Light Vigil you could check out their Facebook Page here.

Date: 28th October (Friday)

Time: 6:00pm- 9:00pm

Venue: Marine Drive, Mumbai



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