Hotel Ashok: Crispy Chicken That’s Literally Crispy Chicken

I love crispy chicken, but even I have to admit that it’s an exceptionally misleading name. There’s nothing crispy about, they should really just call it chicken you eat with Old Monk when you’re all alone in a sidey bar waiting for the sweet release of death; but that wouldn’t fit on a menu. Anyway, after years of eating crispy chicken I’ve finally come across one that’s so authentically crispy, it’s basically just a chicken cutlet at this point. And it’s in the place you’d least expect/want to go to. Dadar. The name of the fine institution that serves it; Hotel Ashok.


Hotel Ashok is the textbook definition of obscure. We only found it because we were roaming the streets of Prabhadevi for half an hour and our middle class bodies were ill equipped for the Dadar sun, but I’m happy we did, we did lose some good men in the process, but we needed to make cutbacks. We were so out of place they, (and I shit you not) served me a 13 rupee bottle of Coke in tall glass they were clearly using for the first time, because the sticker was still on it.

Prawn Biryani. Just Like Regular Biryani, But With Prawns.

Now let’s talk about the chicken; the word that best describes it is strange, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it makes for a pleasant surprise because it looks nothing like a traditional crispy chicken, a surprise which we by mentioning have totally denied you the pleasure of. Our bad. It’s pretty fancy looking too and seems a bit out of place in a restaurant that’s the visual equivalent of me. But what really makes it worthy of being on The Bombay Report, along with the likes of Ashok Vada Pav, Satkar Rice Plate House and Derrick the Intern, is the taste. We loved it.

It wasn’t merely good, or even great, it transcends the barrier of time, like Back To The Future or the Central Government’s Social Policies. That sounds like a bit of an overstatement, but it isn’t, it really did remind me of the cutlets my mum used to make for me before she became a professional marathon runner (you can’t make this shit up), it left me feeling content, maybe even a little hopeful, a feeling that usually takes five to six pints of Kingfisher. The Prawn Biriyani was pretty fam too. Am I using that word correctly?

The Decree: If you’re ever in Dadar, which I hope you never are, don’t forget to check out Hotel Ashok. Also give your mum a call every now and then, it won’t kill you.

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