Hungry Duck At Pali; Giant Burgers & Great Goan Food

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Tucked away in the uncharted wilderness of Pali Village is The Hungry Duck, a place so unassuming you’d only notice it if you’re its owner. But once you do notice it, and grace it with a few minutes of your time, we assure you you will not be disappointed. Or at least as content as your mundane existence in a postmodern, global corporatist superstate allows you to be. Whatever they lack in tables larger than the surface area of a quarter plate, chairs that aren’t designed for toddlers and air-conditioning, they more than make up for with their food.

When you first step into Hungry Duck, you’ll be tempted to call for something with duck in it, please don’t. Duck is a bird, and therefore not real meat. It’s like ordering a pizza with artichoke on it; it looked cool on TV, but now you’re slowly regretting it. It’s gamy and bony, and while we didn’t actually try the duck there, we’ve had enough duck in our run-ins with Catholicism to make an informed decision. Does that mean we didn’t stuff ourselves silly and love every minute of it? Of course not.

Crazy Burger

Price: Rs. 300

They call it the crazy burger because it looks like it was put together by someone with severe schizophrenia who was let out of his straitjacket for just five minutes. But we tried it¬†anyway because the caption said “hardcore non veg” and we’re hardcore guys. It comes with Ham, bacon, salami and chicken, and just about everything half of the world’s population is not allowed to eat. It’s big enough for two people, so don’t get carried away by the low price or else you’ll find yourself holding a doggie bag in the middle of Bandra looking for poor children to dump your leftovers on.

Philly Cheese Steak Burger

Price: Rs.230

As much as we loved the Crazy Burger, we really wish we’d called for the Philly, which we had to wrestle away from an enraged Derrick The Intern. It too was exceptionally large and is basically just giant chunks of what we’re legally required to call ‘buffalo’.

3) Goan Sausage
Price: Rs.300
The Goan Sausage at Hungry Duck is sourced specially from the great state of Goa, it’s pretty spicy (even for a Goan sausage), so don’t try having it without some form of bread. It was probably one of our favourite items on the menu because it reminded us of home.

TBR Insight: Hungry Duck has some excellent food and as much as we loved the service, we’d recommend you get a take away; the seating just isn’t up to the task if you’re with more than one other person.

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