Jai Prakash: All The Chicken Wings You Can Eat For 320 Bucks

When you’re a straight up gangster like we are you’ll find yourself visiting Goregaon a lot more than you’d like to. And while making fun of Goregaon is pretty much all we do for a living these days, we’re going to give them a free pass. Again. But only because they introduced us to a life of luxury; a place where the WiFi is free, the air conditioning is existent, the toilets are clean and the chicken wings are all you can eat. They call it Jai Prakash.

From the outside Jai Prakash looks like any other dive bar. From the inside it looks like any other dive bar too. But it isn’t. Not by a long shot. No self respecting dive bar would ever give people free WiFi and be so relatively unthreatening to women. You’d think a bar in Goregaon East would be at least a little bit scary, but it isn’t. Not even the lighting that’s so dim it would still somehow be brighter if they switched the lights off entirely, helps. Any place that doesn’t threaten us with the prospect of being beaten up by the natives isn’t really one worth writing about at all. But this definitely is, if only because of their all you can eat chicken buffet.


Jai Prakash, from 12pm to 3pm, Monday to Friday has an offer you can’t refuse. All the chicken you can possibly eat for just Rs.320. It’s every bit as good as it sounds, and there’s not catch, unless you count having to go to Goregaon as a catch, in which case there’s just one. But good deals and gluttony are what drive you then it’s worth visiting. The buffet menu is separate from the real menu but there’s no shortage of things to choose from, even though for some reason they don’t let you call for anything on the vegetarian menu. I like that concept; segregation.

Chicken Rainbow Soup


We’re not making this shit up. That’s really what they call it, and while pink is probably the most unappetising and suspicious colour for soup, the broth itself is actually pretty good, just try not to think too hard about what you’re having.

Chicken Kebab


The chicken kebab was a little sour for some reason, but we quite liked it. Unlike most of the other things on the menu that were deep fried in batter, this wasn’t, so you’re basically eating giant chunks of chicken which make it as filling as hell.

3) Chicken Meatballs


The chicken meatball weren’t entirely chicken; they were minced meat with vegetables & spices, deep fried in batter. But that’s actually a good thing, chicken is a trash bird, the Royal Stag of non vegetarianism. But we still liked the chicken meatballs quite a bit.

Chicken Chilli Wings


The Chicken Chilli Wings are the only reason you’re still reading this awful article, and probably my favourite item on the menu. They weren’t very spicy, and a pain in the butt to eat without making a mess and looking like a savage, but still excellent. And remember, you can call for as many plates as you like.

We also called for Chicken Biriyani and a Chicken Maharaj, but only so we could finish the review. They were just alright, but if we’re being honest, a waste of valuable stomach real estate. We’d much rather just fill up on the starters. Also, don’t forget to ask for the Gulab Jamun.


The Decree: Should you check out Jai Prakash? Hell yes. It isn’t just good because it has a nice buffet. It’s good because the food is incredible and the drinks are cheap, what more could you possibly ask for apart from maybe a sweet ass Mercedes and experiencing true love? We’d spend a lot more time there if it wasn’t all the way in Goregaon. Damn you Goregaon.

Time: 12pm to 3pm

Days: Monday- Friday


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