Jimis Burger, Andheri: The Pinnacle Of Burger Technology

It was a warm summer’s evening in this, the great state of Maharashtra.  A dispatch requesting an immediate review was sent to us by a vegetarian restaurant, which was losing touch with its customer base, and required our expertise to revive what remained of its dying brand. As we approached the venue on foot, the unthinkable happened; they’d just run out of their Grande Cheesy Nachos. Infuriated, we left for home, only to be caught in one of the great storms of the decade. After being separated from our unit, and unable to traverse the unforgiving wilderness that is Andheri during a gentle shower, we sought suitable refuge from the rain, where we would regroup and recuperate.

The place that we found just happened to be Jimis Burger, a burger institution we discovered back in 2016 when they were little larger than a medium dining sized table, and we were still young writers with a bright future. Fortunately enough, we were presented with the opportunity to revisit the restaurant whose discovery many argue is this website’s sole contribution to the world.

We do recall loving every second of our time at Jimis Burger the first time, how unexpected & overwhelming it all was. We’d never imagined a place so small and remote could give us one of the most beautiful experiences of our young, insignificant lives. So the question remains, is Jimis Burger as good as it used to be? While that is a simple yes or no question, we’d much rather get into irrelevant, minute details, because that’s just who we are. And so begins the first sequel in the history of The Bombay Report,

The Jimis Burger in Andheri appears to be modelled after a construction site, which is pretty unimaginative because most of the suburb is an active construction site already. Still, they manage to make the interiors remarkably likeable, with superhero comics on the walls, drum cymbals welded above the doorway, and lest we forget, a big, beautiful, brick wall. When we noticed many of the patrons and staff were taking selfies with a foreign gentleman who was seated behind us, we simply assumed it was because people in Andheri had never seen a white man before; but we were later told that he was from a Facebook page called 2 Foreigners In Bollywood. Simply amazing.

Jimis Burger has a fairly large menu, with a reasonably expansive selection of burgers, considering the fact that burgers are pretty much all they serve. They’re the only restaurant we know of that sells chicken, beef, mutton, and pork all under one roof; the only kind of diversity this website will ever endorse. After drinking one of the most inspiring, fresh Limbu Panis ever, we were ready to place our order.

Bacon Cheese Wings


We’ve been told by friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and members of our immediate family that we’re stingy guys, and that may be true. Which is why we consider paying 350 bucks for a plate of wings a complete rip-off, unless said wings were somehow heaven-sent. Fortunately enough, the Bacon Cheese Wings at Jimis Burger were precisely that. Pieces of perfectly cooked wings, marinated just enough to add a present, pungent tinge, then covered in layers of cheese and sprinkled with crispy bacon. Yes, it’s precisely as good as it sounds. In the words of a great man who we will not embarrass by disclosing his identity, “The chicken is actually better than the cheese and bacon.” The Bacon Cheese Wings were but one in a series of amazing things we tried that day, but we will not forget the joy they brought us.

Chorizo Pork Cheddar Burger


Pork is a beautiful thing, and statistically the most widely consumed meat in the world. Still, coming across a pork burger in Mumbai is almost impossible, let alone one that’s worth the effort. The Chorizo Pork Cheddar Burger, on the other hand, was a thing of beauty. It’s essentially a large juicy, Goa-sausage infused burger, topped off with delicious, tangy pickles and a molten layer of cheese. This could well have been one of the best pork burgers we’ve had to date.

Blue Cheese And Maple Bacon Tenderloin Burger


Blue cheese is an acquired taste, meaning you have to force yourself to like it before it ever begins to grow on you. When harnessed properly, however, it’s a potent tool that shapes arguably the most brilliant burger we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying, the Blue Cheese And Maple Bacon Tenderloin, one of the most sublime, & complex burgers we’ve tasted. With a complicated minced patty packed with spices, loads of bacon coated in maple syrup, and abnormally soft buns that are somehow strong enough to resist all that weight and greasiness, it was, dare we say, the pinnacle of burgers in Mumbai, and more importantly, it was amazing.

The Decree: Everything we tried at Jimis Burgers is the best thing we had at Jimis Burgers, there’s something about the place that makes us have to resort to superlatives. They’re one of the few places whose food stuns us into complete silence, and as we wipe off our entire meals without saying a word to one another, we’re glad to say they haven’t lost their edge. On the contrary; they’ve somehow gotten better. Between adding more variety to the menu and after years of perfecting their product, they really are something special. If you haven’t ever paid them a visit, we implore you to do so, it will change your life, and you will thank us for it.

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