Jimi’s Burger: A Reason To Seriously Consider Going To Malad

Before I start with this article, I would first like to issue a formal apology to suburb of Malad; I know I’ve said some terrible things about you, and for that, I’m sorry, you’re actually pretty cool. Kandivali, not so much.

Now back to food. Our newest intern, young Derrick, who hails from the principality of Malad told us that if we wanted to eat the finest chicken burger in Mumbai we’d have to go to Malad. At first we thought he was trying to hit on us, but on doing further research (yes, we do research) it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. So I put my pride in a box, said goodbye to my mother and hopped onto the nearest train to Malad.

So began the tale of how a humble writer from Santacruz who tells people he’s from Bandra had one of the best burgers of his young life. Now I strongly maintain that chicken burgers aren’t really hamburgers, they’re glorified club sandwiches, but if this experience taught me anything it’s that things are not always what they seem. That and wear a bib when you eat a burger with more than one patty.

As far as size goes, the space inside Jimi’s Burgers is smaller than some of the items on its own menu, which might be a problem for some people, especially if you’re in a group of more than three. But this article isn’t about the restaurant, it’s not even about the burgers, it’s about my feelings, and as someone who’s a regular on Tumblr, I know that’s all that matters. I ordered the Jaw Breaker Chicken Burger (Double chicken patties, double salami, double bacon, fried egg & cheese). As I waited in the tiny room, I worried about whether someone would stab me on my way home, but before my paranoia could get the best of me, my burger arrived.

The cheese-stuffed herbed chicken burger. Also mind-blowing.
The cheese-stuffed herbed chicken burger. Also mind-blowing.

It was pretty large (for a chicken burger), and occupied most of the very limited space in the room. But all that simply faded away when I took a bite. It wasn’t just good, it was flavourful, filling, fresh, succulent, beautiful, majestic, spectacular, it was everything. The delicious, juicy chicken patties, the crisp, crunchy bacon, the perfectly fried egg, the spicy salami, the toothpick I accidently bit into, all of it was enough to overwhelm my feeble writer brain and shut me up for a good ten minutes, allowing me to contemplate the meaning of life and question whether I was worthy of existing in the same universe as what lay in my plate before me. In fact, we liked this burger so much that we got Jimi’s to give all of our readers a discount from the 13th to the 18th of September, which you can find below.


[UPDATE: This coupon has expired, although you can still print it out and keep it in your wallet for good luck]

At no point in my life has a hamburger or anything really, ever made me feel so content. As much as I’d love taking cheap shots at Malad for the rest of my writing career, I can no longer do it with a clear conscience. Not after knowing that tucked away in a small lane many miles from home is a magical little place that sells a burger that made me feel truly, unmistakably happy.

Do I recommend it?

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