Jughead’s Review: It’s Mostly Just Clip Art

To many people in their mid twenties, Jughead’s was the gateway to the world of alcohol. I personally began my underage drinking exploits at Jughead’s way back in 2010, and I’ve never looked back. Except at therapy thrice a week. What’s not to love about it? The happy hours that always seem to be on no matter what time you show up, the brightly coloured walls and furniture that gives you the feeling of tripping on the acid you bought from a slum in Khar, the cleverly named cocktails and starters that sort of feel like they’re ripped off from an Archie’s comic, but are still legally different enough. It’s amazing.


Of course the liberal elites will have a problem with a restaurant serving beer towers to minors (which they have the common courtesy of watering down), sort of using somebody else’s intellectual property, and forcing their staff to wear small ties and cowboy hats in public, but hey, at least they make pretty decent food. And it’s surprisingly cheap too. And when you get past the fact that it’s creepily happy, the place kind of grows on you.


We called for Creole Calamari (Rs.245), the Chilli Cheeseballs (Rs.205), the Barbecue Prawn Pizza (Rs.275) and a Cream of Mushroom Soup (because Derrick the Intern is a fucking weirdo). Everything we had was pleasantly nice, not nice enough to warrant a visit to Jughead’s mind you, but excellent as an accompaniment to a nice pitcher of beer. The truth is as much as I love Jughead’s, I’d never with a good conscience recommend you go there if you aren’t planning to drink. Happy Hours all day everyday is why you go to Jugheads. Not to eat their Chilli Cheeseballs.


The only reason Jughead’s still exists is beer. When you call for a tower during happy hours (when you get a second tower free) you end up paying only slightly above market price, which makes it cheaper than most dive bars. A 2.5 litre tower of Kingfisher would set you back by Rs.920 and a 1.5 litre pitcher by Rs.575. Sure it might seem that they’ve watered it down a little, but what are you going to do about it? But I digress; the fact is if you’re looking for a nice place with cheap beer, to kick back with the gang after a hard day’s work, you know exactly where to be. Social. But Jughead’s is nice too.

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