Hotel Naaz; Kurla Might Just Be Worth The Trouble

Kheema Pav truly does make us very happy. It’s a perfect mix of Muslim & Catholic cultures, just like when I made out with that Muslim girl last week and then didn’t marry her after. See, we can all just get along. Our quest to eat all the kheema pav has taken us far & wide, and this brave man has only helped further our cause. After visiting Kurla not once but twice, and feeling pretty good about ourselves for coming out alive, we decided to roll the dice once more, this time at a restaurant that thinks it’s a hotel, Hotel Naaz.

Kheema Fry

Price: Rs.100


A hundred bucks for a plate Kheema Fry is a highway robbery which, coincidently, is also Kurla’s largest occupation. The kheema fry at Hotel Naaz was meaty, oily, spicy and everything kheema should be. We’d try to pick one thing about it that makes it stand out, but there isn’t. It’s just really good kheema, and we’ll leave it at that. They usually run out by 11am, so be prepared to lose out on some sleep or quit your day job; whatever’s more convenient.

TBR Tip: Most restaurants make all their kheema in a large cauldron in the morning, and then scoop it out as people order it through the day. Kheema fry however, is that same kheema fried up with a little extra spices and vegetables just before it comes to your table. Always, always pick the kheema fry.

Egg Bhurji

Price: Rs.70


Egg Bhurji, or Muslim scrambled eggs as they’re less popularly known is our favourite way to consume eggs, after drinking a dozen of them raw from a large glass (PROOTEEIIN). It wasn’t the best bhurji we’ve had, but it was great, and there was a lot of it, we have no complaints.

If you can’t make it for breakfast, Hotel Naaz looked like they had a great menu for the rest of the day as well. It’s right opposite Phoenix Market City, so you can get some kheema and go look at stuff in the mall, and have a fun day in Kurla. Good Luck.


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