Kobe Vs Yoko – The Quest For The Perfect Sizzler


While sizzlers may have sadly fallen out of fashion once people realised there were more effective ways to eat a steak, we at The Bombay Report still love them. But if there’s anything we as gentlemen can appreciate even more than a steak that literally smokes, it’s the exhilarating experience of a good old-fashioned showdown. And while we refuse to comment on the unjust accusations that we’re using our seed funding to set up a cock-fighting ring in Dombivli, we will, in order to satiate our bloodlust, pit the two titans of Mumbai’s sizzler scene; Kobe and Yoko, against each other:

The Rules: For the purpose of this scientific study, we will only be testing the classic beef steak sizzlers. Both contenders will be reviewed on their taste, portion sizes, and severity of the burns inflicted.


There are a lot of great reasons to love Kobe, and for us it’s their inexpensive beef burgers which are criminally underrated. But most people know them for their sizzlers, our favourite being the Pepper Steak. As far as steaks go, the Pepper Steak Sizzler is only just above average in terms of taste and quality; but at least you get a whole lot of meat for your buck. They’re incredibly generous with their portions of vegetables, which is nice, but who really cares? Kobe does have some great fries, but unfortunately the sheer volume of steam will render them little more than soggy potato remnants by the time they get to your table.


The answer to why someone would name their successful restaurant chain after the Japanese lady who broke up the Beatles is as big a mystery as what really happened to Paul McCartney, but at least the food’s good. Yoko’s Pepper Steak with Mushrooms is the stuff of dreams. While in most circumstances we’d go for Kobe’s fries over Yoko’.s, in the case of the sizzlers, Yoko’s fries seem to do a much better job of absorbing the sauce and not entirely turning to mush.

The Decree: We definitely prefer Kobe over Yoko, but when judging them purely for their Steak Sizzler, there isn’t really much of a debate. Yoko’s sizzler is marginally tastier, the fries do a much better job at complementing the meal, and you can get a decently sized portion for half the price, and odds are you’ll still have trouble finishing it.

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