The Little Door Sunday Drunch, An All You Can Drink Buffet

Little Door, in Andheri, is probably one of the most fashionable, quaint restaurants I’ve ever seen. As a man, my first instinct when I see a cute little restaurant is to burn it down, slaughter the inhabitants and pillage its resources; but Little Door is more than just a cute little restaurant.

Every Sunday post 12pm, Little Door has hosts a brunch, or ‘drunch’ as they call it. It’s a bit expensive (Rs. 1400) but like hey, unlimited alcohol. There’s also a set menu (sadly, no buffet) and a nice spread of annoying looking tiny (but delicious) deserts. As a man, there are many things we’re allowed to do which women aren’t, but alas, brunch is not one of them. However, Little Door has done the impossible, it’s made brunching with your bros cool. If you have 1.5K lying around, you should definitely check it out.

The Food

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The brunch menu includes unlimited pastries and snacks; or at least I hope it does, I may have unconsciously stolen some. The lunch menu is fixed and limited, and a bit small if I’m being honest, which is why you need to fill up on red velvet cupcakes. I suggest you call for the Stuffed Mushrooms, Bacon Wrapped Prawn, The Pesto Calamari and Prawn Risotto.

TBR Insight: It might be tempting to call for the pizza, but don’t. All you get is one measly slice, like a peasant.

The Alcohol

little door

The Little Door does have a non- alcoholic brunch option, but let’s agree not to talk about it. The alcoholic brunch is the only reason we decided to go there, a mere 1.4k is more than enough to get blasted on as many Long Island Ice Teas, Mojitos, kamikazes and Sangrias (among others) you can handle without dying.

TBR Insight: Their beer menu is limited to Fosters and Bud, so I wouldn’t pay it too much attention because Foster’s is piss in a bottle and Budweiser is boring.

The Karaoke

little door

Singing when you’re drunk is as natural as telling your ex you love them and peeing in your pants, so Little Door had the bright idea of having karaoke. Nothing breaks the awkwardness of meeting new people quite like incoherently yelling out a few bars of Bohemian Rhapsody with them. The karaoke slots get taken really quickly so I suggest you tell them your song choices before you start drinking.

TBR Insight: If you sing Wonderwall, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Zombie, a waiter punches you in the face and they ask you to leave, so really, please don’t sing Wonderwall. Also, singing Frank Sinatra doesn’t impress any of the girls (believe me, we tried).

Of course, Little Door is anything but perfect.

They’re Very Understaffed


The service at Little Door on Sunday Brunch is almost nonexistent, except when it came to giving us the bill. I don’t blame the staff for taking an hour and a half to take down my lunch order, they were completely overwhelmed by the customers who I assume were from Delhi because they we so overdressed. But for 1.5k per person I don’t think it would kill the management to hire a few more people just to wait the tables. That being said, the staff we did meet were extremely friendly and helped us get a table even though we hadn’t made a reservation.

TBR Insight: If you plan to go for Sunday brunch I suggest you make a reservation by the Friday before.

It’s In Andheri


As awesome as Little Door is, let’s not forget it’s still in Andheri.

All in all, I do think that Little Door’s Sunday brunch is way too good for you to miss, even if you’re a straight male in your twenties. Which I totally am.

Seriously though, I’m straight.

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