Malad Has A Forest Garden, And You Can Go There

For a suburb on the razor’s edge of civilisation, Malad has many things you wouldn’t expect, great burgers, greater pizzas, and roads, it also happens to be the birthplace of Derrick the Intern. But then there are things you would absolutely expect, like a forest garden. A forest in the heart of Malad is approximately as unsurprising as a guy named Vikas sending girls creepy messages on Facebook. It would probably be weirder if there wasn’t one. But here’s the plot twist, this park isn’t the work of Gods, it’s the work of men who think they’re Gods, the BMC.

They took a plot of land near Inorbit Mall, which was vacant because the only reason anyone would ever go to a mall in 2016 is to wait out the zombie apocalypse, and planted over 3000 species of trees. It also has a butterfly garden, for the brave hearts who don’t find butterflies objectively terrifying and a jogging track for the people of Malad who think being chased by large felids on a daily basis isn’t enough cardio. There’s even a special track for the residents of Malad who’ve (miraculously) survived past the age of 60.

The Decree: In spite of everything I’ve said about Malad in this article and life in general, I do find the idea of a forest themed garden charming. It has all the advantages of jogging through a jungle without the risk of encountering an axe murderer, or worse, an environmentalist. Think about it, clean air, pretty insects and tall trees overlooking the remnants of a once mighty institution. What’s not to love?

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