Celebrate The Fall Of Western Civilisation At This Fort Workspace


Celebrating the end of a great empire at a workspace in Fort might sound weird, but can you honestly say it’s any weirder than the 2016 American Presidential election? I don’t see how Indians can relate to an orange megalomaniac who hates Muslims in a power struggle with a corrupt oligarch whose husband was the Head of State, but the good people at Ministry Of New clearly see something I don’t.

The plan is simple, you show up to the Ministry Of New at 7am on the 9th of November and watch the results of the US election on live TV with all the other people who think they’re white. Once the results are out you get the rest of the day to work there free of cost, or much more likely to curl up in a foetal position and cry at the folly of man. They also sell snacks, but the availability of nachos is subject to the election results.

Obviously, there’s nothing more exciting than hanging out with people who like debating the internal politics of foreign countries. It’s also probably the last chance you’ll have to whip out your Make America Great Again hat and get into drunken brawls with strangers before the election season gets over and people stop giving a crap about politics for the next four years.

TBR Insight: If you’re into elections and voting and that sort of thing Bombay literally has an election coming up in February 2017.

Date: 9th November 2016

Time: 7am

Venue: Ministry Of New, Azad Maidan, Fort


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